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Information for Federation and non-Federation groups is on the Clubs page.

 Academy of Highland Dance  (Scottish Highland dancing with special emphasis on children 5-12 years.)
 Arpana Dance Company  (A dance company that performs the dances of India, led by Ramya Harishankar.)
 AVAZ International Dance Theatre  (AVAZ is highly respected in the artistic and academic community.)

 Balboa Park Dancers  (Classes in waltz, fox trot, tango, cha-cha, swing, and other ballroom and social dances.)
 Ballroom Dance Club and International Folk Dance Club at UCLA  (Featuring Swing, Salsa, Tango, Waltz, Cha Cha, Latin, Greek, Armenian, Israeli dance lessons.)
 Bon Temps Social Club Cajun and Zydeco Dancers  (Teaching and enjoying Cajun and Zydeco dancing as done in Louisiana, Texas, and the world!)

 Cabrillo International Folk Dancers  (Classes offered each Tuesday in the Balboa Park Club teaching folk dances from all over the world.)
 Café AMAN  (Catch the sprit of the old folk dance Cafés!)
 California Kolo Festival  (San Francisco, California)
 California Traditional Music Society (CTMS)  (Clark Weissman's Summer Solstice Festival)
 Casal dels Catalans de Califórnia  (Catalonian dance group.)
 Church Mice Square Dance Club  (The Church Mice are a very active and fun loving group.)
 Claddah Dance Company  (The Claddagh Dance Company has added a touch of authentic Irish Culture to the lives of Southern California communities since 1985.)
 Clan MacLeod Dancers  (The Clan MacLeod Dancers perform the great social dances of Scotland with a special emphasis on the dances that relate to the Clan MacLeod.)
 Conejo Valley Folk Dancers  (A really fun group of folks who invite you to join them for international line and circle dancing--no partners needed!)

 Danza Floricanto/USA  (Founded in 1975, Danza Floricanto/USA is the oldest existing professional Mexican folk dance troupe in Southern California.)
 Dunaj International Dance Ensemble, Inc.  (A group based in Southern California, that was organized in 1976 by Richard Duree.)

 Ethnic Express  (International folk dance in Las Vegas.)

 Folk Dance & Music  (Scottish, Scandinavian, and some international dance around Los Angeles, California)
 Folk Dance Association  (Ray LaBarbara's extensive Brooklyn, New York, website)
 Folk Dance Center  (San Diego, California.)
 Folk Dance Federation of California, Inc.  (Northern California)
 Folk Dance Resource Pages  (Courtesy of Dick and Carol Oakes)
 Friends of the English Regency  (We get together once a year for an Annual Assembly -- a Regency word meaning party.)

 G.T.E.V. D'Oberlándler  (G.T.E.V. D'Oberlandler Inc. strives to preserve and perpetuate the customs, traditions, language, costumes, music, and dances of Bavaria.)
 Gypsy Folk Ensemble  (an ethnic dance company formed in 1978 to preserve, perform, and teach traditional folk dances from various countries around the world.)

 Hungarian Music & Dance Camp  (Barátság, Mendocino, California)

 International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (IAMED)  (Setting the standards in belly dance.)
 International Dance Association of San Diego County (IDASDC)  (A non-profit organization sponsored by the San Diego Park and Recreation Department.)
 International Folk Dancing in New Mexico  (Courtesy of Rick Wallace)
 Israeli Dancing with David Dassa  (David leads some of the most successful, high energy sessions outside of the State of Israel.)
 Israeli Dancing with Yon Carr  (Refreshments included with admission.)
 Israeli Dancing with Jason Hecht  (Dedicated to all those who love Israeli Dance.)
 Israeli Dancing with Natalie Stern  (Natalie Stern, a master teacher of Israeli folk dance teaches in the Los Angeles area.)

 Israeli Folk Dancers at Claremont  (Folk dance brings out the essence of culture & community with tremendous joy and spirit.)

 Kárpátok  (Founded in 1965 by a group of young Hungarian immigrants wishing to preserve their heritage.)
 Katrilli  (Katrilli was founded to have a group which performs high-grade folk dance and folk music.)
 Kayamanan Ng Lahi Folk Arts  (Rich cultural diversity is celebrated with resounding rhythms of drums, metal gongs, and stringed rondalla instruments.)
 Kayso Folk Dancers  (International Folk dances taught at all levels.)
 Kim Eung Hwa Korean Dance Company  (The company serves the greater community of Los Angeles as it strives to preserve the 100 year old art of Korean Traditional Dance and Music.)
 Krakusy Polish Folk Dance Ensemble  (Krakusy has built a reputation as being an ambassador of Polish culture.)
 Kultura Philippine Folk Arts  (A not-for-profit, community-based arts organization established in June 1992 in Glendale, California, to produce Philippine cultural arts programs for all California audiences.)
 Kypseli Greek Dance Center  (Learn dances of the tavernas and villages of Greece.)

 Laguna Folkdancers  (The evening is great for international dancers at all levels and dances of all levels.)
 Life Balkan Dancers  (Sherry has taught Balkan and international dancing at coffeehouses, camps, and workshops around the southwest.)
 Lively Arts History Association  (Organization of vintage and renaissance dance groups)
 Living Tradition  (A non-profit organization working to support and preserve traditional music and dance.)
 Los Angeles California Dance Co-Operative  (Contra and English dance listings)
 Los Angeles Irish Set Dancers  (The group is proud to promote Irish culture through social Irish dancing for adults.)

 Moreton Bay Fig Morris Dancers  (Morris dancing including festival and ritual English.)
Mostly Couples "Israeli Dancing with Erica" (Beg Int Adv Class Open Cpl)

 NAMAH Ensemble  (The company has created an exciting body of work, igniting rigorous dance technique with powerful ancient mysticism.)
 Narodni Folk Dancers  (All beginners and experienced international dancers, singles, and couples are welcome.)
 National Folk Organization  (of the United States)

 Pasadena Folk Dance Co-op  (The dance evening is open to folk dancers of all levels of experience and beginners are especially encouraged to attend, no partners needed.)
 Phoenix International Folk Dancers  (Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix International Folk Dancers, a recreational IFD group, presents Thursday night dances at Encanto Park in Phoenix.)
 Pride of Erin Irish Céili Dancers  (Irish céili and set dancing.)

 Reels and Squares Contra Dancing  (All dances taught and prompted.)
 Romanian, Russian, and International Dancing  (Alexandru and Mihai David lead this exciting evening.)
 Royal Scottish Country Dance Society  (San Gabriel Valley, California)

 San Diego Folk Dancers  (Intermediate and advanced levels of international folk dances taught.)
 San Diego International Folk Dance Club  (All levels of intrnational folk dances taught.)
 San Diego Vintage Dance Society  (There are free beginning vintage dance lessons on Fridays in Balboa Park at the Casa Del Prado Bldg. Rm. 207 from 7:30-10 p.m.)
 Santa Barbara Country Dance Society  (Did we mention how FUN it is? Some of us get sore cheeks from smiling so hard!)
 Scandinavian Dancing in Santa Barbara and Ventura County!  (All dances taught; all dancers welcome.)
 Scandia Dancers of Southern California  (What distinguishes our group is that most of our dancers are not of Nordic heritage yet we all share a love of Scandinavian dance and music.)
 Seher Middle East Ensemble  (Dances of the Persian court and dances of the Tribal sort.)
 Social Daunce Irregulars  (This group has been presenting Victorian balls in Pasadena, California, since 1988.)
 Solvang Village Folk Dancers  (Local folk dance group performing on third Saturday of every month in the streets of Solvang, California.)
 Southern California Clogging Association (SCCA)  ("Network central" for clogging in Southern California.)
 Square & Folk Dance Federation of Washington  (Washington State)
 Stockton Folk Dance Camp  (Stockton, California)

 UCSB Middle East Ensemble  (An official "Ethnomusicology Performance Ensemble" in the University of California, Santa Barbara, Music Department.)

 Veselo Selo Folkdancers  (Although their repertoire is international, they do a lot of Balkan dances on Saturday evenings at the request parties.)
 Village Arts Coalition  (Front Range, Colorado)

 West Valley Folk Dancers  (We have a varied program of beginner and intermediate dances, at least half of them non-partner.)
 Westchester Lariats  (A non-profit youth international dance troupe located in the Los Angeles community of Westchester.)
 Westwood Cooperative Folk Dancers  (The dance evening is open to folk dancers of all levels of experience and beginners are especially encouraged to attend, no partners needed.)

 Yesteryears Dancers  (A semiprofessional dance troupe of ladies and gentlemen recreating dances of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries.)

 Zhena Folk Chorus  (Zhena Folk Chorus proudly presents a unique array of lovingly crafted presentations for your special events.)

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